What is INCRE?

In the contemporary era, there are different challenges, namely: advances in information technology, internal tolerance, different sentiments, rights, gender differences, politicization of religion, and religious ideology. Religion also presents humanitarian challenges, the destruction of life globally, the threat of various deadly diseases, social movements, philanthropic movements, and democratic issues. In addition, religion is faced with weakening morality with crimes in various aspects, such as deviance, drugs, and hoaxes.

This conference is an effort to find a model or form of religious education that can answer the challenges of modernity and high technological progress. The presence of experts is expected to be able to answer these challenges in an effort to sustain religion and education that is able to provide value.

The International Conference On Religion And Education (INCRE) is an international platform featuring original articles from various researchers, academics, practitioners and professionals to create globally oriented research opportunities in the post-pandemic era by utilizing digital transformation technology.

The INCRE 2021 organized and hosted by the Center of Education and Religion of Research and Development Agency of Ministry of Religious Affairs Republic of Indonesia. It is supported by International Institute for Advanced Science & Technology (IIAST) on 3-4 November 2021, taking place Hotel Santika Premiere Bintaro*, Indonesia, has the theme “Digital Transformation in Science, Technology, and Religious Education for sustainable human quality development”. This year, INCRE will be held in a Virtual Conference where there will be online presentations from 7 fantastic keynote speakers, followed by presentations of participant papers. All papers accepted at INCRE 2021 will be published in conference proceedings and submitted for publication in IOP Publishing and Scopus.

The International Conference On Religion And Education (INCRE) Accepted and presented papers (for Option A: Conference Series) will be electronically published in the official Conference Proceedings with an ISSN XXXXXXXXX. A Digital Object Identifier (DOI) from Cross Ref will be assigned for each paper.

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