Religious discourse surfaced again when the world community entered the third millennium. Symptoms of strengthening religion cannot be separated from the crisis of modernity that is sweeping the community. Modernity in addition to bringing benefits to some people but also contains various paradoxes, dehumanization, and alienation.

In the contemporary era, there are challenges in religion, namely: tolerance in religion, close religious relations, the existence of equality of rights, and the existence of gender equality. In addition, religion is faced with humanitarian challenges, global damage to life, threats of various deadly diseases, social inequality, philanthropic movements, and democratic issues.

One of the characteristics of religion in the future is the increasing cooperation between faith and learning, and between religious institutions and educational institutions in order to answer the challenges of the times. Educational institutions have strong relationships with religious institutions.

Transfer and transmission of religious teachings and values can be done through education, especially through religious education and religious education. Religious education and religious education are oriented in the implementation of mastering knowledge about religious teachings and/or becoming religious experts and practicing their religious teachings.

Various educational challenges in the contemporary era include the industrial era (4.0), the transnational movement, the educational institutional system, the education curriculum, teacher professionalism, learning strategies, and the gap in the quality of education between regions, and the complex education system.

In response to the challenges of religion and education in the contemporary world, an international conference on religion and education is needed that involves academics both researchers and lecturers.

Accepted papers will be presented in one of the regular sessions and will be published in the conference proceedings volume. All accepted papers are submitted to the Scopus and Thomson Reuters/Web Science indexing services.

Sub Themes:

  1. Islamic boarding school stretching: Management and competitiveness
    Kyai, education, and social change in digital era
  2. Modernizing madrasas in global contexts
  3. Teacher and Education development
  4. Student abilities in religion education
  5. Education and Technology
  6. World Class University in Indonesian religious university
  7. Local wisdom and religion education
  8. Citizenship in religion education
  9. Religion and character education
  10. Life skill education
  11. Moderism in religion and education.