Religion is a system of belief that is actually an instrument of life with the aim of not disrupting life. Religion governs all aspects of life. As an instrument of the transfer and transmission of religious teachings and values, one of them is through education, especially through religious education and religious education. Religious education and religious education are oriented in the implementation of mastering knowledge about religious teachings and / or becoming religious experts and practicing their religious teachings.

Post-truth is simply defined as a new term where truth cannot be defined as “single reality” in one point of view, but is “multiple reality” plural truths. In fact this era is a continuation of positivism. Since “truth” is claimed to belong to the empirical world which excludes the world of ideas (unseen, invisible) by positivism, then all truth must have an indicator to make visible justification. Since there is injury in the senses, it is certain that the “truth” will find the momentum of “relativity”. Everyone does not have the same level of sense so relativity is a necessity

Religion and post-truth are antithesis. One has an essential level of truth because it is believed to be from the Righteous One, the other is a relative truth where there is no single truth. The relationship between the two relationships is contrast (contrast) which has an instrument that has a different perspective. When religion is not functioned correctly, religion gives birth to post-truth as an era of uncertain truth. This is probably what happened to Indonesia today, where the “truth” of religion was manipulated into “justification”. The truth depends on the choice of recipient of information in accordance with the effort to wrap the truth or the existence of framing. An ugly photo will look good and beautiful with an attractive frame.
So, post-truth is not really “truth”. It is justification that is played for an interest. The case of Saracen, Muslim cyber army, Indonesian cyebr, Jasmev, even the buzzer is a good example of how framing affects the public, which between right and not is no longer an important problem. The most important thing is emotional sentiment, both with instruments of religion, race, class or other. This is a post-truth chaos about the truth held by religion. That is our fact today. Like it or not, we have entered an era where everything can be considered right through justification. Religion alone, the single truth from God can be divided by the truth.

To solve this problem is one of them through moderate attitude, doing standard things and good mindset education. Does our current education system lead to moderateism, behave in a standard manner and teach a good mindset pattern.

In that context, a forum for “international conferences on religion and education” is needed that involves academics both researchers and lecturers to discuss issues of religion and education in the era of post-truth.